Subash on Corona in Amppipal

There are many types of dangerous communicable diseases in the world. We are confronted with one of them now, the Corona virus.

We here in Nepal were taken pretty much by surprise – and so was our government, or it may have taken measures to prevent the spreading of the disease earlier. As far as we have heard on the radio, thirty-five people have died from the virus in Nepal so far, with fifteen thousand people being infected, and rising.

Promoting good hygiene appears to be essential. In my opinion, in Nepal and also in India, public hand washing places on squares and in the streets should be set up so that everyone can wash their hands as frequently as necessary.

This pandemic is a particular challenge to those people who have been vulnerable before its outbreak: orphans and other children growing up in the streets of our bigger cities without their parents, and the poor in general.

As for Amppipal, food shops in the village remain open and those in employment still do their jobs. Schools and government offices have been closed, and safety measures are applied to limit the spread of the pandemic. So far, seven men who came back to the village from other districts or abroad have been placed into quarantine. In our district, two men have died from Corona which is not a lot compared to other places. At our hospital, two isolation rooms have been set up and one building of the high school is being used to quarantine people coming in from outside.

For lack of equipment, we cannot teach our students from home at Janata English School. They would not have a laptop or tablet in their families anyway (given that not even the teachers own one).

We are grateful for the support through DHN and hope with you all that help by way of a vaccine or treatment will soon be at hand.

Subash Rana
teacher at Janata English School

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