Malwettbewerb, Bericht von Subash Rana, Lehrer an der Janata English School Amppipal

Drawing more or less sophisticated pictures is one of the things we do from early childhood on. It is an expression of creativity and feelings like happiness or sadness and everyone can do it. That’s also why we say that pictures can “speak” to us. Moreover, they can tell us something about the person behind the drawing or simply express something that cannot easily be put into words.

This is why using this form of art in class seemed obvious to me. Through a drawing competition I wanted to make the children use their creativity. On 4th December 2019 we held this competition at JES in class three. The topic was “Mowgli” and there were a few small prizes to win. Messrs Sangam Bhujel and Sumit Deytota and Ms Aayusha Deykota were the jurors and handed out the prizes to the first, second and third winner in front of the assembled students.

An additional message I wanted to pass on to all the students was that everyone is gifted in some way and that even if you don’t win this time round you should try again. Working on your talent is always better than giving up before you’ve even tried.

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